Drea Hydrallia

Elf Magic-User/Fighter


strength: 9
intelligence: 14
wisdom: 10
constitution: 8
dexterity: 13 (plus one to any ranged attack)
charisma: 10
gold: 18
Inventory: battle axe, leather armor, composite bow, 20 arrows, quiver, 2 silver tiped arrows, draft horse
experiance: (when using magic you get 5% more experiance)
languages-elvish,common,netrual,orkish,hobgoblinies,gnolish,invisable stalker language,unicorn,pixie,trents.
switch between fighter and magic but have to pick when sit down to table
elves are more likly to notice secret/hidden doors
I can use any weapon
magic: level one
Spell :charm person ( level one spell )
fighter: level one
HP: 4


Grew up in village very close to water, good with boats and such.
Family: 7th child of 15. decided to adventure due to feeling of suffication, need space and independence
Mother:Aerea (drunken whore) Father: Dreag (no longer in picture)
Siblings: Andrea
first born-female, stay at home with mommy to care for her, doesnt feel need for own space or need for a family of own-not understanding we dont like her. 2nd-4th born-brothers, went to slay a hoard of vampires and never returned. 5th born female: Ankiea- has family of own-we dont speech much. 6th child-twin bother born 1 min. before me: Andreik, flows me around most of the time, but stays close to home. 8 and 9 got taken away by a lonely giant and have not been seen since. and the younger 10-15 I try to stay away from, I dont like kids….
Friends: An elderly husbandless (no family) woman named Evanka, has told me stories of her many adventures as a wanderer, she was the one to influance my wanting to explore.

Drea Hydrallia

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