Arden Deathbringer

Human Fighter


HP: 6
Str: 10
Con: 9
Dex: 16
Int: 14
Wis: 8
Cha: 11
Gold: 100

Arden comes from an affluent family, his father was a well known mercenary. His mother was from a noble family, who loved their grand kids; himself, his sister and his brother. His brother Vardus like himself is an adventurer, his sister Elena became a mercenary and is regarded as a battle goddess. Arden has been trained in a wide range of weaponry but feels the most comfortable with ranged and area-of-effect types. But he is no stranger to melee combat. His father is from the kingdom of Esteroth he died during a major conflict when Arden was 14. Although it was tragic, him and his siblings didn’t take it as hard. Because their mother had died 4yrs earlier. Since then he took care of his siblings as the oldest with the help of their grandparents. With that being how things were, he passed down the teachings of their father to them the best he could. Since he did such a great job, he gained reputation as a skilled teacher and had many squires wanting to study under him. He was not opposed to teaching them, but felt he wanted to become more qualified before he did so. So he left his home after his siblings were old enough to take care of themselves as an adventurer.

Arden Deathbringer

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